Mr Yum

Hospitality Platform

Jan 2020 – Feb 2023 — React, Typescript, GraphQL, Mobile Ordering, Growth and Leadership

Building a World-Class Dining Experience

Mr Yum is a digital menu platform for hospitality which streamlines the dining experience for customers and the service experience for both front and back of house. I was brought on as the first technical non-founder to develop the product’s core functionality, setting up bedrock product processes and engineering infrastructure, and eventually growing and leading the broader product and engineering team.

When COVID-19 lockdowns suddenly plummeted our budding revenue to zero overnight, we quickly delivered delivery functionality in nine days including integrations with two delivery platforms, a discovery page to browse delivery and pickup restaurants within 5km of guests, and worked with venues to onboard them onto this functionality so they could keep their staff employed and community supported.

With the growth of the platform, we grew the product team globally, hiring the best talent where it existed rather than where was most convenient for us. This also meant maturing our product processes as the team grew, providing developers maximum autonomy while still hitting the mark for globally-relevant feature design.

Mr Yum, thanks to a record-breaking Series A raise in late 2021, is now available in tens of countries around the world and saves the hospitality industry millions in labour and efficiency costs, as well as putting drinks and food in front of guests sooner. And isn’t that something we all can enjoy?