Tom McKenzie

0402 677 161
Melbourne, Australia


Tom is an award-winning full-stack developer with 9 years of professional experience in digital production and a passionate involvement prior. Having worked with clients such as Nintendo, VicRoads, Specsavers, SportsBet, and Mushroom Group, as well as a number of fledging and established start-ups, he has proven a broad and flexible skillset in areas ranging from front-end development, full-stack application architecture, web application performance tuning, optimising client- and server-side app rendering and delivery, app usability, and system and infrastructure operations and orchestration. He holds a Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Science and Software Development) from Deakin University and is a regular contributor to open-source projects.


Primary Focus


Formal Education

Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Science and Software Development)

2007 — 2010

Employment History

Mr Yum

April 2022 — Current

VP, Product - Strategic Projects

Mr Yum

January 2020 — April 2022

Engineering Lead
  • React, Typescript, Next.js, GraphQL (Apollo Client, urql)
  • Nest.js, Node.js, Apollo Server, typeorm, type-graphql
  • Kubernetes, istio, PostgreSQL, Redis, AWS
  • Working closely with leadership team to assess priorities and establish timelines
  • Leading and growing remote-first engineering team, setting engineering practices (project and process management)
  • A whole lot of individual contribution scaling the product from MVP to formidible featureful product


May 2019 — December 2019

Lead Front End Engineer
  • React, Typescript, modern build toolchains
  • Created design library by adapting existing design patterns and standardising new patterns using Styled Components
  • Scaled up an initial implementation of React components to application-scale, including GraphQL componentry and tooling


March 2016 — April 2019

Senior Developer (React Specialist)
  • React, Redux, CSS Modules
  • Webpack and Babel tooling, Typescript
  • Ruby on Rails, Go, Kubernetes
  • Brought on (in contract capacity) to kickstart a greenfield React project, build foundational tooling and structure, and up-skill existing team.
  • As the Javascript ecosystem evolved, oversaw migration to more streamlined tooling (Create React App) and Typescript.
  • Responsible for building scalable, core business features such as the email editor and its associated rendering service.
  • Key driver of frontend component library, integration tests (Nightwatch,, and CI/CD pipelines and tooling.
  • Expanded role to include infrastructure and container orchestration management during Kubernetes migration, supported twelve-factor development, and helped implement scaling strategies.


November 2014 — December 2015

Head Engineer
  • Universal (SSR) React, Redux, Ruby on Rails
  • ES2015, Babel, modular SCSS
  • AWS, Codeship, Github
  • Managed timelines and responsibilities of engineering team.
  • Architected client web application, API, and infrastructure, achieving speedy first-paint and delightful in-app experience.
  • Systems administration of Amazon Web Services (Beanstalk, EC2, CloudFront, S3, Route 53).
  • Developer experience across development environments, continuous integration, documentation, and engineering support.

Future Music Festival 2015

for Mushroom Creative, October 2014

Developer (contract) - HTML/CSS/JS and Wordpress development
  • Heavily customised Wordpress build including custom city selector and numerous funky design elements.
  • Worked with other members of Mushroom Creative on design and infrastructure scaling.
  • Hundreds of thousands of unique hits on launch day without issue.

Sugar Mountain 2015

for Mushroom Creative, September 2014

Sole Developer (contract) - HTML/CSS/JS and Wordpress development
  • Full scale Wordpress build with large video and responsive page elements.
  • Developed infrastructure to handle festival-sized site load.

iSelect Style Guide

iSelect - at, September 2014

Developer - HTML/CSS/JS
  • Front-end framework with base styles, component library, full page templates, and bespoke components.
  • Ground-up build with each aspect tailored or validated against business and engineering requirements or pain points.
  • Assisted in-house developers on maintaining, extending, and integrating the guide into multiple languages and frameworks.
  • Used across all vertical landing pages and sales funnels as part of wider rebranding strategy.

October 2013 — October 2014

Senior Developer
  • HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
  • Responsive design
  • Objective-C on iOS
  • Front-end development of responsive websites, including bespoke interaction elements.
  • Integration of templates with Laravel– and Drupal-based projects.
  • iOS and Android mobile development.
  • Implementing best practices and improving current procedures.

Accounts4Life -

Accounts4Life - at Wave Digital, September 2013

Designer and Developer (contract) - Ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS/JS
  • Design interface templates, including interaction of complex but succinct account mapping system.
  • Development of both back-end and front-end including a range of bespoke components.
  • High-volume parsing of esoteric transaction files used by all major banks (as mandated by the RBA).

Wave Digital

August 2012 — September 2013

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Ruby on Rails and PHP
  • Cloud development on AWS and Heroku (incl. cloud scaling applications)
  • Linux (Ubuntu) server administration
  • Development of Ruby on Rails projects with complex business rules, including parsing of esoteric file formats, pulling and pushing data from Facebook, Twitter, and other APIs.
  • Client-side front-end development based on internal and external designs, maintaining support with IE7 and up including responsive websites.
  • User interface design, incl. user experience analysis.
  • Management of client relationships, and some low-level project management.
  • iOS development of prototype iPhone applications.

Domy na Wzgorzu -

for Domy na Wzgorzu, June 2011

Developer (contract) - HTML / CSS / JS
  • Created custom front-end with a rich interface and many interactive elements.
  • Fully compatible with IE7+, FF4+ and Chrome.


November 2010 — August 2012

Web Developer
  • PHP 4+, Classic ASP, ASP.Net
  • MySQL and MSSQL
  • Microsoft Server 2008 and 2010 administration
  • Development of internally designed front-ends using HTML, JS and CSS, maintaining support with IE6 and up.
  • Integration of front-ends with an internally-developed CMS application (FreshMint) and E-Commerce system (bCommerce).
  • Development of custom builds to client spec in Classic ASP involving extensive modification of FreshMint and bCommerce.
  • Worked within varied project teams, sometimes as lead developer coordinating teams of up to 4 people.
  • Created in-house tools to aid in project management budget overviews, and track time spent on project tickets (which halved the amount of time employees spent time logging).