Tom McKenzie

0402 677 161
Melbourne, Australia


Tom is an award-winning full-stack developer with 5 years of experience in digital production and a passionate involvement prior. Having worked with clients such as Nintendo, VicRoads, Specsavers, SportsBet, Mushroom Group, and a number of fledging start-ups has allowed him to prove skills in areas from application architecture, to performance (universal rendering, network and asset delivery, and infrastructure optimisation) to web design (across bitmap, vector, and pattern library based). He holds a Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Science and Software Development) from Deakin University and is a regular contributor to open-source projects.

Skills Profile

Primary Focus


Formal Education

Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Science and Software Development)

2007 — 2010

Selected Works

Future Music Festival 2015

for Mushroom Creative, October 2014

Sole Developer - HTML/CSS/JS and Wordpress development
  • Heavily customised Wordpress theme including custom city selector and numerous funky design elements
  • Worked with other members of Mushroom Creative on design and infrastructure scaling
  • Hundreds of thousands of unique hits on launch day without issue

Sugar Mountain 2015

for Mushroom Creative, September 2014

Sole Developer - HTML/CSS/JS and Wordpress development

iSelect Style Guide

iSelect - at, September 2014

Developer - HTML/CSS/JS
  • Front-end framework with base styles, component library, full page templates, and bespoke components
  • Ground-up build with each aspect tailored or validated against business and engineering requirements or pain points
  • Assisted in-house developers on maintaining, extending, and integrating the guide
  • Used across all vertical landing pages and sales funnels

Accounts4Life -

Accounts4Life - at Wave Digital, September 2013

Designer and Developer - Ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS/JS
  • Design interface templates, including interaction of complex but succinct account mapping system
  • Development of both back-end and front-end including a range of bespoke components.
  • High-volume parsing of esoteric transaction files used by all major banks (as mandated by the RBA).

Specsavers Price Reckoner (internal)

Specsavers - at Wave Digital, May—August 2013

Developer - Ruby on Rails
  • Development of a multi-dimensional matrix which calculates price based on many factors including customer's provider and policy, price ranges and limits, a range of conditional discounts, and edge-case business rules.
  • In-store rollout to begin early 2014.

Domy na Wzgorzu -

Domy na Wzgorzu, June 2011

Developer - HTML / CSS / JS
  • Created custom front-end with a rich interface and many interactive elements.
  • Fully compatible with IE7+, FF4+ and Chrome.

Mario Kart Wii -

Nintendo Australia - at Blissmedia, May 2011

Developer - HTML / CSS / JS / Facebook API
  • Created an experience site using JavaScript and jQuery. Compatible with IE7 while leveraging newer browsers' support for features such as requestAnimationFrame and HTML5 video where available.
  • Includes a Facebook application to allow users to 'attack' or 'defend' against their friends using Mario Kart items, which has been used by thousands leading to tens of thousands of impressions.
  • Winner of Awwwards site of the day – June 6th
  • FWA site of the day – July 1st
  • Winner MADC Awards 2011 (Silver - Best Microsite)

Employment History


March 2016 — Current

Developer (contract)
  • React, Redux, React Router, CSS Modules
  • Webpack and Babel tooling
  • Mocha unit testing
  • Brought on to build a young React codebase and guide implementation within an existing team.
  • Advised on processes, tooling, and deployment strategies.
  • Upskilling the team, lots of knowledge sharing.


November 2014 — December 2015

Head Engineer
  • Universal React, Redux, React Router
  • ES2015, Babel, modular SCSS
  • AWS, Codeship, Github
  • Managed timelines and responsibilities of engineering team.
  • Designed system architecture across client-facing application, API, and infrastructure.
  • Systems administration on Amazon Web Services (Beanstalk, EC2, CloudFront, S3, Route 53).
  • Developer experience across development environments, continuous integration, documentation, and engineering support.

October 2013 — October 2014

Senior Developer
  • HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
  • Responsive design
  • Objective-C on iOS
  • Front-end development of responsive websites, including bespoke interaction elements.
  • Integration of templates with Laravel– and Drupal-based projects.
  • iOS and Android mobile development.
  • Implementing best practices and improving current procedures.

Wave Digital

August 2012 — September 2013

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Ruby on Rails and PHP
  • Cloud development on AWS and Heroku (incl. cloud scaling applications)
  • Linux (Ubuntu) server administration
  • Development of Ruby on Rails projects with complex business rules, including parsing of estoeric file formats, pulling and pushing data from Facebook, Twitter, and other APIs.
  • Client-side front-end development based on internal and external designs, maintaining support with IE7 and up including responsive websites.
  • User interface design, incl. user experience analysis
  • Management of client relationships, and some high-level project management.
  • iOS development of prototype iPhone applications.


November 2010 — August 2012

Web Developer
  • PHP 4+, Classic ASP, ASP.Net
  • MySQL and MSSQL
  • Microsoft Server 2008 and 2010 administration
  • Development of internally designed front-ends using HTML, JS and CSS, maintaining support with IE6 and up.
  • Integration of front-ends with an internally-developed CMS application (FreshMint) and E-Commerce system (bCommerce).
  • Development of custom builds to client spec in Classic ASP involving extensive modification of FreshMint and bCommerce.
  • Worked within varied project teams, sometimes as lead developer coordinating teams of up to 4 people.
  • Created in-house tools to aid in project management budget overviews, and track time spent on project tickets (which halved the amount of time employees spent time logging).